Beautiful Baby Photography –  in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

The perfect way to capture your baby’s first expressions with beautiful professional baby photography

Our baby photography shoots usually last around 30-40 min. We will capture gorgeous pictures, showing your baby’s personality with stunning portraiture.

We will work through a selection of baby portraits using different backgrounds and props that suit the age and ability of your baby. The babies usually have fun being entertained and enjoy the experience.

Please ring the studio on 01743 35 23 23 and have a chat with us about our baby shoots.

Capture these moments while they last, they’re not babies for long

Baby shoot

Baby package includes:

A studio session taking a selection of beautiful portraits

A desktop portrait to choose.

A viewing appointment at the studio in our viewing lounge where you can relax and choose your portraits.



We are always happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you might have about our shoots.

Please ring the studio on 01743352323 to book or if it’s out of hours you can register your details and we will contact you.



These make great baby shower gifts so if you would like to buy a shoot voucher for yourself or as a gift please follow the link to our vouchers page.

Add on vouchers are available so you can also contribute to other products if you wish to do so.

Book one of our fantastic baby photography shoots for only £39

We can photograph babies at different stages of development within their first year. After babies are past the Newborn stage it is best to photograph them at around 4-5 months old as we get cute smiles and they are able to lie on their tummies. After this their next milestone is to be able to sit by themselves, generally this can happen anywhere between 7-9 months old. Older babies tend to be booked in around their 1st birthday, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with some portraits and to also get portraits that include the family.

Aiming to book your baby portrait shoot for one of these milestone moments really gives the best opportunity to photograph your baby at their best and achieve a lovely collection of images.

The Booking fee is £39

We will also give you an 8×6 print as a gift from us!

Choose which shoot suits the ability of your baby and give the studio a call on 01743 35 23 23

Cherubs Baby Portraits

Here are just some of the fun, cute, energetic and adorable baby portraits we have produced in the studio. We ask that our customers bring several outfits for the baby and also bring things like wooly hats or flat caps or any other accessories they feel would compliment the portraits.  Lots of our customers love our fine art prints and also love our black and white images so we make sure to capture images that suit colour and black and white during the shoot.

1st birthday shoot

Upgrade our First Birthday shoots so you can also include a

family portrait and cake smash!

This is a great way to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday with some fun

portraits of the family together

Please ask for details

Please ring the studio on 01743 35 23 23 to book your Baby Photography session

Capture these moments while they last, they’re not babies for long!

If you want to buy a voucher for a friend

follow the link to our vouchers page to find our baby photography voucher, or give us a call.

We have lots of great ways to produce your baby portraits and beautiful products to choose from