Bill Leighton Studio – Toddler Shoot Info

Our Toddler Shoots last around 30 minutes and we run through a series of shots using different backgrounds and props to keep your toddler interested in whats happening.

Most shoots are successful and we don’t have any difficulties.

 Naturally, toddlers emotions can be challenging when photographing them but through our years
of photographing small children we have learned a few tips and tricks that help the session run more smoothly.

Being mindful of the small details is important, here is a list of things to be aware of:


  • Please make sure your toddler doesn’t have a late night before the shoot.
  • It’s tempting to chat to your toddler about coming for photos but we have found that this usually has a bad result. It is best to just bring them in and start having fun and playing games.
  • We photograph toddlers and children with bare feet. when asked to take off their shoes some toddlers use it as a point to dig their heels in. But if you take their shoes off without saying anything they usually don’t pay attention.
  • keep all toys and food treats hidden away at the start of the session.
  • If they have a comfort blanket, please keep it hidden.


Clothes That work well in portraits

Colours such as Blues, Dusky Pinks, Maroons, shades of Grey and also white work well. Faded colours don’t catch the eye so much and don’t compete with the subject. Patterns can be too distracting and are best avoided if possible. Textures in lace look fine but colours to avoid are Corel, Lime Green, or anything that is too strong on the eye.

We look forward to creating some lovely portraits!