Bill Leighton Studio – Fairy Products

Investing in Fairy Photography

We create beautiful professional fairy portraits with care and expertise. We have a large well

equipped studio and use our knowledge of lighting and posing to produce portraits of quality. 

When you come back to view your portraits we will show a few examples from your shoot

fully retouched so you can appreciate the quality you will receive. We will help you choose the

best way to produce your portraits, as you will want to keep them for years to come and

pass them onto future generations.

All our suppliers for Print boxes, Frames, Acrylics etc are manufactures 

of quality as we only want the best for our customers.

Framed portraits

We offer a great selection of frames with various

mount options to present your portraits beautifully.

From £335

Multi Image Portraits

Multi’s are a great way to present your favourite

images together. We can design a layout to be framed

or for an Acrylic Panel

From £595


Acrylics panels are very popular and have a clean and modern look,

the panel is not framed and sits about 1 cm away from the wall

From £595

Fine Art Prints are the best quality in printing and can be 

mounted in standard thickness or in extra wide

for a gallery finish

From £395

Desktop Prints

From £75